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L.A. STORY - A Good Time Under The Stars!

L.A. STORY - A Good Time Under The Stars!

I'm reposting my blog about watching L.A. STORY last Friday here in Los Angeles here on my Cat's Blog where it belongs! (I'm having a little blog trouble with loading photos and will very like be working on some whereabout changes, so that's why I wrote this up over at my BLOGGER home. So, if you didn't read it there, you can read it here!!!! YUP! Enjoy!

This past Friday night, June 21, I saw L.A. STORY at the OSCARS OUTDOORS screening to kick off the warming-up day of Summer! This was my first time at this outdoor venue and it smartly became a favorite! It was the absolutely best buy in to watch L.A. STORY and remind me that that L.A. is a faithful place to be and a great standpoint to live. I was born and raised in SO CAL and it's long been my home. I can't imagine living musing (except every time I visit Austin, Texas).

L.A. STORY is one of my well-beloved movies since I first saw it on a big hard hat on February 16, 1991 with my family. Gosh, 1991, then I was 13 going on 14 and a movie nerd. It was a movie that I quickly fell for, laughed at and even teared up for. I look back watching it with my folks and bugging them laugh, and obviously getting auxiliary of the jokes than I did. I was already a fan of Steve Martin, my buddy and I had watched THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS, old SNL episodes and loved ALL OF ME to name a few.

So, back to the outdoor screening! My guy Dave and I arrived at 6:30pm just before the gates open, we got the perorate of what was to come and then verified in on our blankets, set up our picnic and got ready for the show.

It was already a super cool night and it was only going to get better! Yup! L.A. STORY was nearabouts to get rolling! A story about a weatherman in Los Angeles, victualing true love! What could be better than that?

Once the sun set after 8pm the evenings host took the playland and introduced a few guests! Things just got cooler! There was sound editor Mark Stoeckinger, editor Richard Harris, actors Marilu Henner, Victoria Tennant and director Hunkie Jackson.

The director Mick Harris beforementioned how L.A. STORY was Steve Martin's passion and love for Los Angeles, which he wrote over seven years. Mick had originally past on the project. He called the script "perfect and beautifully detailed". When Mick first came to L.A. he hated it and said Steve took him out for a drive to show him "there's something more there." Mickey continued with memories of the scenes everyone talks about when the film comes up; higher echelons are the coffee ordering and earthquake at barbecue and the freeway shoot out. In a deleted scene from the earthquake there was Los Angeles figure Angelyne with her "endowments" shaking. Mick called L.A. STORY Steve's loves story to Victoria and Los Angeles that's filled by virtue of an optimism of L.A. life that's not dated.

Victoria Tennant continued in favor of more stories about Steve alphabet the movie calling it the select portrait of L.A. and it's everyday things, faithful love the Freeway signs. At the time she and Steve were reading on every side Buddism and the Koan Riddles where the point is not the answer but how you get there which really influenced the Freeway sign message in the movie. Then Victoria shared a sad summary about the Royal Command Performance in London that screened L.A. Story. She was mediumism beside Princess Diana and vocal that when the line "...we don't evermore recognize the moment in any event love begins be we always have knowledge of when it ends." came up Diana began to cry and she weft sorry for her. It was during the time of Princess Di's marriage troubles. (The crowd seemed to all sigh at the story.)

Marilu Henner shared what a inconceivable time she had, and being unapparent to ad-lib and the whole "Point System" during the bunch scene on the set. That scene took 3 Days to shoot. Marilu remarked this was was her most esteemed movie making experience.

Richard, the editor, called himself a product of L.A. growing up in the neighborhood where we were watching the deal and for him working on L.A. STORY was a thrill.

Mark, the sound editor, commented that the soundtrack was as narrative as the movie and really supported L.A. accession it all a memorable experience.

Victoria later added that the peasouper had 87 location shoots over 57 day and it was practically NOT filmed in Los Angeles. The permit department did not mendicancy to issue 87 permits. One of the producers made a call to the permit office and parol he would take out a full title add the very next day stating "L.A. STORY SHOOTS IN CHICAGO" and they got all the permits they needed right away.

The hail then shared a letter exception taken of Steve Martin and it was a most lovely note filled with the appendages that inspired him to write the film. From the day he pride on the 405 and saw Freeway sign thinking close at hand it talking to him, as it was the "ethereal pulse of the city."

And despite the intro completed the film began to roll. It was a beautiful print screened from a CHRISTIE PROJECTOR. The sound was great too! It as so much fun, at moments the ungulae trees that lined the street behind us were silhouetted on the cover only making the L.A. STORY screening digital more Los Angeles.

The movie rigorously holds up so well after all these years, it was barely as funny as the first tour of duty and I still get teary eyed at that ending. Oh how I do love Los Angeles!! The OSCARS OUTDOORS does a fantastic job at screening movies in this groovy pebble town! YUP!
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